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Our Go To: Breakfast Pizza Recipe

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

By Tiffany Frederick

One of our favorite things during this time bunkered down at home - is cooking together and growing our Recipe Box of "Keepers!"

However, one of the things we have missed is a family favorite frozen breakfast pizza from Aldie Grocery stores. They are delicious and a staple item in our home that we would always grab when we were there. Not having any on hand to enjoy - with an intense pregnancy craving coupled with a desire for a twist on breakfast we made up this mock recipe.


Estimated time to prep - 20 minutes

Cook time 13 minutes

1 Breakfast Sausage Roll

1/4 cup Flour or more to taste

2 1/2 cup Milk

Pepper to taste with a pinch of salt

1 crecent roll

6 eggs scrambled to your liking

Shredded Cheese - Sharp Cheddar or Mozz

*Makes enough sausage and gravy for two pizzas one today and one tomorrow!

1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Lay out the crecent dough on a pan and pinch the seams closed. Bake according to the packaging 12 minutes.

2. Brown the sausage in a pan until cooked completely. No need to drain.

3. Sprinkle in the 1/4 cup Flour over the cooked sausage and stir to coat completely.

4. Add in the 2 1/2 cups of Milk to the sausage turn up heat and bring to a low boil. Stir occationally until the mixture tightens up.

5. Sprinkle pepper over the sausage and gravy (I have found that covering the whole mixture at this point is enough flavor for out crew - throw in a pinch of salt too.) Remove from heat and let continue to thicken

6. In another pan scramble the eggs to your liking.

7. Once the crecent dough is cooked - top with the sausage and gravy spread out. Then sprinkle with the scrambled eggs and top with shredded cheese.

8. Pop back into the oven for 3-5 minutes to make sure it is all hot.

Let cool then cut with a pizza slicer - enjoy!

Best part is there is enough sausage and gravy mix to make this again tomorrow - just need more eggs and cheese.

What is your go to breakfast? Always looking for ideas especially now!

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