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Moving During a Pandemic

By Teresa X. Nguyen, Marketing Specialist, Long & Foster Marketing.

Moving can be a long and arduous process even for the most organized, prepared person. With the added stress of a pandemic, many people are wondering if taking the plunge is worth it. While moving should be avoided if necessary, there are precautions you can take that will make the process safer for everyone.

While DIYing your move may seem like the better option, for long-distance moves hiring a moving company would be safer and easier. Carefully research moving companies and ask lots of questions such as, what safety protocols have they put in place, how large their crew is and what to expect the day of. Use the following tips when planning your move to ensure you and your moving crew can stay safe.

Before the Move

  • Use new boxes for packing. While using boxes and bins that you already own are fine, refrain from getting boxes from grocery stores or neighbors to prevent possible virus transmission.

  • Clean and declutter as you pack. Sanitize and wipe items down with disinfectant. If you’re planning on donating items, call the donation center ahead of time to ensure that they’re open and accepting donations.

  • Get an appointment to set up internet and cable service as soon as possible. Installation appointments may not be as easy to come by, so it’s best to call ahead to make a reservation.

  • Create an open-first box of essentials such as cleaning supplies, phone chargers, a change of clothes and other items that you think will be necessary once getting into the house.

  • Finish packing at least 24 hours before movers are set to arrive. This will allow the moving boxes to be untouched and for any potential viruses to have died off.

Day of the Move

  • Keep the number of people involved in the move to a minimum. During the actual moving day, have one person designated to manage and oversee the move.

  • Provide soap and paper towels by the sink and hand sanitizer by the door for movers. While most moving companies will come with their own gloves and masks, these extra precautions will make sure everyone feels safe.

  • Plan for the moving crew to drop off the belongings at least 72 hours before you or your family officially moves in. This will ensure that any potential viruses on your possessions will not contaminate you.

  • Decide whether the movers should unpack items or just drop items off. While most moving companies typically unpack items, decide whether you are comfortable with them doing that or if you’d prefer to do it yourself.

  • Hire a cleaning crew to deep-clean the new home before moving in. They’ll be able to clean tough-to-reach places as well as places you may not think of.

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