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January Home Maintenance Checklist

The busy holiday season is behind us and 2020 has arrived!  Along with your New Year’s resolutions, January is a good month to establish new habits that enhance and simplify your life. To help start the year off right, we’ve put together some items to keep your home running smoothly.

Once you’ve completed these maintenance tasks, you’ll have momentum and a clear mind to set your own personal goals and make it your best year ever.

Take Down Holiday Decorations

Wrap lights around a piece of carboard to avoid tangling. Donate unused decoations to save space.

Clean Out Your Refrigerator & Pantry

Throw out expired ingredients, unhealthy food and leftovers. Keep fresh fruits washed and healthy foods within eyesight and easily in reach.

Declutter Your Closets

Go through clothing, handbags, accessories, shoes, stored toys and items. Donate any unused items.

Organize Folders & Files

Sort files or shred documents and update your digital files. Put instructuion manuas and warranties in a household folder.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Set your thermostat to at least 55 degrees especially if you'll be away.

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