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March Home Maintenance Checklist

It’s March, and with the rising temperatures and longer days, we’ll soon start to see the first signs of spring, including all the crocuses, tulips and daffodils beginning to sprout. With the threat of most snow storms behind us, and before the arrival of April showers, it’s a good time to get started on some tasks to shed the winter layers and give your home a fresh new start.

Here are some tips to get your home in good shape for the warmer months ahead.

Groom your lawn.

Get ready for the growing and mowing season by picking up debris that may have accumulated on your lawn over the winter. Fill in bare spots with grass seed and then apply fertilizer over your lawn.

Clean carpets and soft furnishings.

Have carpets cleaned and send out area rugs for professional cleaning. Launder furniture slipcovers, pillow covers and shower curtains.

Remove winter bedding and rotate mattresses.

Swap winter bedding for lighter-weight quilts and coverlets. Clean and store heavy comforters and rotate your mattresses.

Purge your wardrobe.

Go through your closet and weed out clothes that don’t fit, are worn out or not used. Set aside winter clothes that are ready to be cleaned and stored.

Check door and window screens.

Avoid having insects enter your home by examining and repairing any holes or tears in your screens. Repair kits can be found at most hardware or home improvement stores.

Reseal exterior woodwork.

Prolong the life of the woodwork on your home, as well as any wood decks, fences and other outdoor structures, by painting or resealing them every few years. Inspect caulking and replace if needed.

Get ready for tax season.

Gather paperwork and computer files now so that when you are ready to do your taxes, you’ll be organized.

Also, if you’re planning to put your home on the market this spring, talk to your real estate agent about any repairs or improvements you’ll need to make. March is a good month to hire any painters, contractors or landscapers and make a schedule of work to be done.

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