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Halloween Safety Tips - For Your Pets!

*Barley Boy,pictured above.

Tis the season for fun, spooky, silly costumes and they are especially fun to include the whole crew in - even our pets too. I know we are excited to have Barley Boy's first Halloween.

However, it is important to be sure you are aware of some safety tips for your fur babies this Halloween season. Growing up I can remeber two times our family dog Prince ran from home - Fourth of July fireworks in Florida and one Halloween when I was in middle school - I can see how and why these are imporant. Follow these and the entire family will enjoy all the of the scary fun!

Keep Pets Away From the Front Door

Dogs may be afraid of people dressed in costumes. They may feel the need to either protect their home and could bite - or want to run away from the masks. It is best to keep them busy in another part of your house.

Make Sure Decorations Are Out of Reach

Pets can eat or get tangled in decorations. Prevent injuries by making sure decorations are out of reach.

Don't Take Cats & Dogs in the Car while Out Trick-or-Treating

Scary creatures of every shape and size walking by can scare pets while they're sitting in a dark car. This can make your normally friendly pet feel stressed and possiboly protective or that they want to flee.

Don't Give Pets Candy - Be Sure to Remind the Kiddos

Choclate especially can seriously harm pets. Keep candy away from pets and throw away caramel apple sticks and candy wrappers so your pets font eat them.

Keep Pets Inside

Pets maybe scared of strange noises outside and try to escape or pranksters may tease them.

Home is the best place for them on Halloween.

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