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Silly Monster Drawing Time

The rainy weather on Thursday had us looking for some fun indoor acitivies that could shake up our normal routine. Had seen an idea where your child and you start drawing then mid-way through switch and finish one anothers drawings. With all of the monster and Halloween silly fun books we have enjoyed lately thought we would get in the spirit by:

1.) Gather supplies paper, crayons, color pencils, glue stick, and scrap paper.

2.) Put on some fun themed music - Monster Mash, Down by the Spooky Bay or others.

3.) Set a timer - depending on your child set a 5 minutes ,2 minutes - more or less.

4.) Start drawing - go crazy no rules and encourage your little to do the same.

5.) Timer sounds then you switch.

6.) Finish the drawings with one another and give them names.

7.) Be silly and tell stories about your monsters.

It was a simple fun thing to do that changed up our activities and got us all creative. If you take on the challenge let me know by posting your fun silly monsters online with the #FrederickFinds. Looking forward to seeing what you create.

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