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Always Try Our Best: Preschool A New Chapter Begins

Today my first little started preschool. AHHH

I have been blessed to be able to work from home since she was 5 months old. So as we got her dressed and ready for preschool this morning - it was emotional to say the least in ways I expected and at the same time couldn't have imagined.

All I could keep thinking of what how when people talk about seperation anxiety in babies and toddlers - that I have personally seen and felt how it goes both ways. I am recognizing that not only does she has to adjust to being apart from me - that I have to adjust ot being apart from her.

This morning as we transitioned to a new chapter where she will be spending time out in the great big world on her own - we reviwed our family goals for the day something we now say everyday before we head out.

- Be kind to everyone.

- Be a good listener.

- Always try our best.

On the way into class we all three held hands and reminded her that we will always be there if she needs us. Holding our hands she nearly skipped into class, passed out her hugs and kisses to dada and me - then she settled in to circle time waiting for the rest of the class to arrive.

I pushed the strolled and brother bear towards the door glanced up to see her watching everyone coming to sit down. Then just like that her eyes met mine she smiled so big waved back and me blew a kiss then signed I love you - with that I knew now only could I walk or the door but could leave knowing she was going to be alright.

Pushed us out the door into the cool crisp air and baby boy looked up at me giggled and reached for my hand. Like he knew I needed a little extra sweetness and that now we could head out for some fun one on one time ... MomMom & son.

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