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Inaugural Pumpkin Carving Contest

I love all things fall and adore the fun traditions it entails including carving pumpkins at Halloween. Wanted to launch a good old classic pumpkin carving contest - because why not!

Some of my favorite memories from this time of year growing up in our family - was laying out the old newspaper, turning on some Monster Jams, and carving our pumpkins - sorting out the pumpkin seeds to roast - and concluding the with the big reveal and lighting for the first time. When Casey and I first started dating we carved pumpkins at my college apartment. Now we are creating those traditions in our own home and would greatly enjoy sharing the fun with you.

Let's have some fun sharing our pumpkin carved traditions - Two Winners will be drawn on October 31st the first at random and the second will be selected by votes. A movie theatre gift cards for tickets for two up for grabs - so you can enjoy another seasonal tradition scary movie night!

Each submitted pumpkin via Facebook and tagged #FrederickFinds will be added to a gallery here on the blog for likes and comments to be tallied for our most popular pumkin smirk.

Challenge your spouse, family, friends, or co-workers - the more the marrier. Then encourage them to vote for your pumpkin so you can win those movie tickets! Looking forward to seeing what you create!


1. Must be carved yourself and not professionally - no cheating.

2. Post a photo of yourself with your pumpkin creation on Facebook tagging Tiffany Frederick and #FrederickFinds.

3. Submissions via online must be posted by Tuesday, October 30th.

Once submitted online it will be added to a photo gallery on this post an voting will be conducted. A most popular vote will be awarded too so be sure to share with your networks so they can vote for your smug mug pumpkin!

If you have questions let me know! Happy Carving!

Tiffany Frederick is a licensed Virginia Real Estate Agent of Long and Foster Reston, VA Email: Tiffany@LNF.com · Cell: (440) 785-6880 2100 Reston Pkwy Suite 102 · Reston, VA 20191

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