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The Real Benefit of Attending First Time Home Buyer Seminars

Homeownership is the American dream.

However, for many it is something that seems more like an unattainable dream. Today the majority of young professionals are graduating with degrees and the corresponding student loan debt. That feels like a crippling burden to carry - and an issue that will keep them from purchasing a home of their own - even though that maynot be the truth.

As a newly licensed Realtor felt that same discouragement - that was until I attended a First Time Home Buyer Seminar hosted by Prosperity Home Mortgage.

At that seminar - information was provided that explained the mortgage process, the income to debt ratio, pros and cons of renting versus buying, and the available programs for first time home buyers - most importantly provided the steps we could take to position ourselves in a strong financial situation to purchase . It was almost an information overload - but truly it was the necessary missing piece providing us with the knowledge, facts, and programs that we qualified for and a plan on making the home ownership dream a reality.

After attending the seminar we worked with our lender over the course of three months to position our finances in the best place possible. When we went to the market to search for our home were strong financial candidates.

My family and I took part in first time home buyer program that fit our family perfectly and we were able to do so because we got educated and attended one of these seminars. That is why I encourage, I invite and I share this opportunity to attend a First Time Home Buyer Seminar - with everyone. Whether you are serious about starting your home search or you are just wondering if it could be possible for you. Get educated - attend this program - talk to a lender- make a plan once you have spoken to a professional and know all of the facts.

First Time Home Buyer Seminar Topics:

Learn how the home buying & financing process works.

Find out how much you can afford.

Consider Buy vs. Rent pros and cons.

Learn the benefits and costs of homeownership.

Understand your credit and how to improve it.

Learn about down payment programs and grants.

Meet with a mortgage professional and receive an on the spot preliminary approval.

That is step one in making your dreams a reality. If you have any questions that I can assist with please do not hesitate to reach out.

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