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Colorcycle! Crayola Amazing Recycle Program

Have you all heard of this before?! I had not and was so excited to learn that Crayola has an amazing program called Colorcycle where you can box up those old worn out and dried up markers and ship them for free to be recycled by Crayola.

Isnt that incredible! They take any kind of plastic markers - dry erase markers, permanent markers, scented markers, highlighters, their brand and not their brand markers! All you have to do it notify me that you have some and I will come pick them up and send them off to be recycled and made new in a new way.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information so we can get your teacher, class or school involved give me a call! As the school year begins to kick off I would love to help us all take this small step of recycling to make our world a better place. Our teachers and parents have enough on their plates as we start this new school year and I am happy to provide the organization and effort to get this done.

To get involved and sign up or learn more about how to share this program with your teachers, class and school message me TIffany Frederick @ Tiffany@LNF.com or call 440.785.6880. To learn more about Crayola Colorcycle Program click here.

Tiffany Frederick is a licensed Virginia Real Estate Agent of Long and Foster Reston, VA Email: Tiffany@LNF.com · Cell: (440) 785-6880 2100 Reston Pkwy Suite 102 · Reston, VA 20191

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