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Neighborhood Gem! Blue Mount Nursery

When was the last time you stopped to just let your child lead you? I cannot encourage this enough - but put forth the effort to push aside your to do list, the agenda of the day, the mental noise us adults carry - to try to see the single moment before us and world through the eyes of your little one. It is pure magic to let them lead your way ... even the most ordinary of places can become extrodinary.

Took my mini on a mother daughter adventure and we decided our first stop would be Blue Mount Nursery, a garden store, that every time we pass on Route7 she begs to go see. It is pretty cute and literally never fails we are cruising on along and she points it out always. Maybe she could feel the sense of adventure even from her car seat.

Walking in hand in hand I let her lead us through the store - we were not there to buy something we were just there to explore - our first stop was the man made pond in the parking lot - where there were fishes of all shades and sizes swimming around ... her brown eyes lit up.

As we entered the store we just went where we saw something interesting ... stopping to say hello to an oversized garden gnome and metal scupltures of hot pink flamingos taller than my 5'2" stature.

We found a water fall pond with even larger fish stayed awhile and watched them make bubble with thier mouths. Discovered another area with lily pads as big as a slice of pizza 🍕, tadpoles and cactus plants big and small 🌵. We saw fruit trees 🌳 , strawberries and pink berries (that’s really a thing), and lemons.

Instead of focusing on telling her "dont touch that!" or be careful we explored with our hands and touched wooly lambs ear plant (that if you closed your eyes you would swear you were petting a lamb.) Our fingers learned the difference between new growth needles on a cactus and being pricked by a more mature cactus needles - no blood was drawn!

We stopped at a table of succulent plants and felt the small leafs and the budding life giving water retained within them. Talked about the deep purple and vibrant green colors. That these plants can grow in harsh conditions of rocks and stone or sand.

The staff was freindly and answered our questions and even brought around their pup Teddy to say hello once they heard #OurJuliannaRosw loves dogs 🐶

It was some of the best exploring and connecting we have done in a long time and it was in the most unexpected places. If you are looking for an adventure and don’t have time to go too far I highly recommend stopping at Blue Mount Nursery! Located at 20052 Lexington Dr, Ashburn, VA 20147.

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