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Where am I now?

It has been awhile since I checked in because.. L I F E!

Last time I was diving into my own personal blog - I was anticipating the arrival of baby number two back in November. All the anxious feelings of the unknown ahead of us ... of having a baby added to our family of three and navigating the role of raising siblings.

Well tonight ... I am sitting on the couch as I type and my almost three year old baby girl and 7 month old baby boy are sleeping away upstairs. It has been a crazy ride that in moments has been simple and in others has been pure choas. I recently heard Savannah Clark Guthrie describe the choas of toddlers and raising littles as an "abundance of joy." It struck me - like one of those ... whoa thats how I want to be feeling and thinking - admist the crazy - instead of wanting to cry or scream I want to dive into the laughter and embrace the joy of this choatic season!

The messes left by a sweet little girl and her imagination and creative jucies running wild in the comfort of home - and the chubby baby hands patting my neck as he slowly falls asleep for the umpteen time that day. It is all there because the are babies exploring and growing every moment - babies I was convinced I would never have carried or brought into this world. It is in that recogniztion that instead of feeling overwhelmed and on the verge of crying I can smile, laugh and embrace the messy, sleepy, crazy moments.

Becoming a Mom of two has been the easiest and yet wildest transition ever - one I am thankful for every day and yet often in awe that I made it through another day and that this life that is mine.

Cheers to another day time for bed and a recharge for another day filled with adventures.

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