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Dream BIG Little One

Why is it that so much advice is easier to give than to put into place within our own lives? Been thinking about how with quickly and with ease it comes to give advice to someone or guidance as a parent to your growing child - while how grand and difficult that same simple idea is to apply into our own life.

As I have been reading Present Over Perfect by Shawna Niequest that the advice is great but how to I put it into action in my own life? So that I really live out the words and make a change?

That's when I keep thinking back to the dedication class we attended at church just before having Julianna dedicated. During the class the leaders spoke about how we need to be aware as parents to think about not only what we hope our children will grow up to be ... firefighters, doctors, teachers, etc. but how they will LIVE as people.... kind, courageous, faithfilled, joyful, charitable etc.

They took it another step further and asked ... "How are you living in a way that shows your children the true meaning of those characteristics? How they can these characteristics be turned into action and lived out in everyday life?"


Think about it if we say "be kind" ... but our actions are not always kind what does that really teach them? What are we really saying?

So even more so with "Dream BIG Little One" maybe we need to tell ourselves that more then not only chase our dreams ... but involve our family or children in knowing why we are chasing them and celebrate when milestones are reached.

I am becoming a strong believer that both - my life and the life of my children - will become the best possible if I challenge myself to spend more time aiming to live by example for them - it sets my actions back on track.

I want Julianna Rose to be genuinely outgoing someone who makes strangers friends and the people all around her to feel seen, heard, and loved. Because I'm now seeing this goal and dream I have for her and recognizing that showing her how to be this way through mylife is the best way for her to learn - I'm moving beyond my comfort zone and putting myself out there making new friends for myself and her. Which is in return enriching our life now and into the future.

Think about it ... what would you do differently today ... if your actions were the solo teacher of your children?

Try it out and let me know what you think and how it is working for you.

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