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Next 100 - 400 Books Down to 1,000 Before Kindergarten

Can you believe we have ready 400 different books in the last 8 months? I can hardly believe it … that is average of 50 a month,

12 a week, and 1 new book a day.

One thing I am realizing that the most impactful thing about taking on this challenge is it has made this big goal seem so achievable by making our time together reading intentional. We go to the library to stock up on books and attend a storytime. We pick out a new book each night before bed and more nights than not read the new story together all three of us.

Even though Julianna is still just starting to talk we ask her about the pictures on the pages, the drawings, what she liked best about the story, we rank the story on a scale and we have a discussion about it involving her as we go to brush her teeth. The next day we try and leave the book out downstairs in the main room so we can look through it again. It is so fun to see her interact with these new books in a way that is different than the books she owns on her shelves.

One of the sweetest things lately is if we come across a book from the library that has pages that have been repaired or taped up - she gets the most concerning look on her face and points and says “Uh Oh - boo boo.” Recognizing that the page has been hurt in a way and tried to be fixed. Gives us an opportunity to talk about why we treat books nicely and carefully.

Nothing beats watching her mind work and process new ideas, images, and words. There are some books we own and love that she is starting to pick up and say “Me” and try to read pointing at the words on the pages, flipping through, laughing and using her hands to tell the story.

I know this challenge was put together to benefit the children in various ways - but I can say it benefits me as a parent - in my perspective and understanding of how she learns and what I can do to encourage her every day.

Below are the books that made our top list from this set of 100 - now on to the next!

Five Star Books

An Author and Illustrations We Fell In Love With These Books by Emma Dodd


I am Small

No Matter What


The House That George Built - by Suzanne Slade

Story about George Washington and the house he set out to build for future Presidents of the United States - great history photos and story we had never heard before.

All of Baby Nose to Toes - by Victoria Alder

Adorable book about baby and all of the cute little parts of them and how much they are loved.

Meet the Parents - by Peter Bently

Funny book about parents from the perspective of kids - that turns pretty sweet in the end too.

Max and the Tag-along Moon - by Floyd Cooper

Loved this simple story about a Grandfather’s comments to his grandson about the moon always being there for him - he just has to look.

Monsters Love Colors - by Mike Austin

Enjoyed this book greatly - fun and silly and Julianna loved the drawings - awesome for teaching colors.

How to Raise a Mom - by Jean Reagan

Tea Rex - by Molly Idle

Bears in Bed - by Shirley Parenteau

How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs - by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague

Froggy Rides A Bike - by Jonathan London

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves - by Julia Rawlinson

Who Loves the Little Lamb - by Lezlie Evans

Officer Katz & Houndini: A Tale of Two Tails - by Maria Gianferrari Illustrated by Danny Chatzikonatantinou

Babe Goes Shopping - by Susan Middleton Elya

Go Home Flash - by Ruth Paul

Emeraldalicious - by Victoria Kahn & Elizabeth Kahn

Four Star Books

There, There - by Sam McBratney

Sweet story about how a Dad calms an upset little bear - then the bear helps to calm Dad in the same way ... "There, There."

I Don't Want to be a Pea - by Ann Bonwill

Funny and awesome message about working with your friends so you both can have fun.

The Moon Inside - by Sandra V. Feder

A simple sweet story about a girl who is scared of the dark - until her Mom takes the time to show her the beauty of the glowing moon at night.

Hug Machine - by Scott Campbell

What do Teachers do after YOU leave - by Anne Bowen

Do Princess Really Kiss Frogs? - by Carmela LaVigna Coyle

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site - by Sherri Diskey Rinker & Tom Lichenheld

My Octopus Arms - by Keith Baker

Princess Palooza - by Joy Allen

Barnyard Slam - by Dian Curtis Regan

Summer Hot Days Out In The Sun! - by Lisa Bell

Farmer Dale's Red Pickup Truck - by Lisa Wheeler

F is for Fiesta - by Susan Middleton Elya

Fiesta Fiasco - by Ann Whitford Paul

Pete the Sheep-Sheep - by Jackie French

I am Otter - by Sam Garton

Lucia and the Light - by Phyllis Root

Polar Bear Night - by Lauren Thompson

And Then Comes Summer - by Tom Brenner

Bom Went the Bear - by Nicki Greenberg

Pete the Cat and is Magical Sunglasses - Kimberly & James Dean

But Not The Hippopotamus - by Sandra Bounton

Please let me know if there are books you reccomend we check out - or if you are looking for a reccomendation for a gift let me know! I am happy to share books that may fit your little ones interest or the parents you are shopping for just click here to email me.

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