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July Home Maintenance Checklist

Summer—a time to put your worries aside, relax and enjoy your family and friends. With trips to the pool, cookouts, bike rides, vacations and other activities, July’s checklist helps to balance all the fun while keeping up with your home’s summer maintenance routine.

Water yard and flowers: Soak your grass and flower beds at least once or twice a week preferably in the morning or evening when the sun is not so intense. Some flowers, especially those in pots, require water more frequently.

Eliminate weeds: Pull weeds routinely to keep them from taking over. When weeding, try to remove the roots

to help prevent them from returning.

Mow your lawn: Set the mower blade to 3” to 4” off the ground to hold in moisture and prevent weeds from sprouting.

Change HVAC filter: Check your HVAC filters and replace them regularly so that your air conditioner performs efficiently.

Check washing machine hose: Replace washing machine hoses when they show signs of deterioration

so that no leaks occur while you’re on vacation.

Save on energy bills: Install a programmable thermostat, which could save up to five percent on monthly electricity bills for each degree you raise your thermostat in summer. Closing blinds and drapes, as well as using ceiling fans, also helps to keep the house cool.

While you’re completing the tasks on your July checklist, take the time to also pamper yourself.

Remember to keep hydrated and enjoy all of the fresh produce that is appearing in your local markets.

Original content by Suzanne Whitenight Pilcher, Marketing Coordinator, Long & Foster Companies.

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