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Why I Post My Workouts

The other week I had some thoughts post workout and I took my thoughts to Insta Story and shared. The response was overwhelming and I wanted to take a moment to further elaborate and share with you all why I have decided to become so public with my health and fitness journey.

It is by no means a necessarily “comfortable” thing to be so vulnerable and sharing my workouts and up and downs with health and fitness. Over the past few years I have felt much like a Dr. House case - a big mystery that has been quite a journey from doctor to doctor trying to find out what was going on with my body - which was essentially fighting itself. I was fortunate enough to have minor autoimmune symptoms but still they were life altering.

In this hunt for answers I discovered holistic approach to treating my autoimmune disorders - through healthy whole foods based around the paleo diet as well as testimonials of people who pushed their youth to override their mild to moderate symptoms but working out and building up strength and endurance. Newly pregnant with our first child the testing had to stop as pregnancy and all its hormones is sometimes a magical storm that corrects autoimmune issues- this isn't the case for everyone and you never know until you are in it. The entire pregnancy I was monitored closely and treated as high-risk from day one. It added so much stress and worry to us and in a lot of ways stole the joy.

I was determined to take advantage of feeling well and push myself to do things to make me feel even better. Working out and changing my diet came slowly -and I was able to carry to term and have a healthy delivery and baby girl. Then the fear of post pregnancy hormones became a concern and the impact they would have on my autoimmune issues - Thank the Lord the only issues I had was odd with tons of hives for a few weeks then they cleared up and it was just typical new parent sleeplessness.

Julianna was a healthy baby girl then she started having terrible eczema and hives all over her body. Having consulted our doctors and reading a ton online thought we would eliminate dairy from my diet to see if that maybe triggering her - and ta-da she cleared up over time. The process of eliminating dairy was not hard for me because it was benefiting her - greatly. Even though I love cheese, and coffee with cream, and cream cheese, and had been eating cereal by the overflowing bowl fulls I did it for her. Let it be known it is not easy cutting out dairy - check your labels it is literally in everything!

The added benefit of cutting out dairy from my diet to help my little girl while she was still nursing had huge impact on my healthy and body. I felt more energized, less bloated, less congested, less inflamed and swollen - I was eating better and starting to work out again and the results were dramatic. I lost 12 inches in the first four weeks post cutting out dairy entirely and adding in 22 minute workouts. I felt the best ever and my autoimmune symptoms were not showing up in my daily life - although they were lingering around.

When Julianna stopped nursing at 13 months we had her tested for allergies and she was clear - dairy too! Which then gave me a green light to eat everything I had been missing. It took a toll quickly on how I felt energy down, inflamation up and more. But has been hard to cut it out - even moderate the amount I am eating because now - it is just for me - and for some reason I must not think that me feeling 100% better is worth cutting out the dairy. Isn’t that pathetic but how often is that true for all of us? It is so much easier and more motivating to do something when it is for someone we love but when it is for us - ehh I am okay - I am still getting by.

This is the challenge face daily and through my accountability group and community of friends who have committed to themselves and each other to be honest about the struggles of finding a healthy whole life - I am getting there. That is why I post my workouts - I want others to feel the benefits of taking time for them, treating themselves better than they would have otherwise, and lifting each other up.

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