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I Vow to Never Have A Drawer Dedicated to Socks

You know when you hear something … and it is so profound that your thoughts are forever slightly altered? One of the most recent ones for me happened at a Christmas Party for staff at a non-profit I was working at just after my baby girl was born.

This speaker was there to share his testimonial about the impact our organization had on his life and those he had the opportunity to support through the organization's outreach programs. The whole testimonial was moving but what stood out to me the most was when he said ….

“We are so blessed in our lives we have drawers dedicated solely to socks … there are people in our world who do not have shoes let alone socks to protect and keep them warm.”

I have never been a fan-atic or even fan of socks. I probably more took them for granted and would have a few pairs I wore regularly that never matched - but I did still have a drawer of my dresser dedicated to socks. This man went on to say …

“Now if we have enough to provide us with a drawer over stuffed of an item we see as basic, that so many are denied, don't we have some abundance we could be giving to make our world a better place?”

My mind, my thought process, and my perspective on material items changed. I didn't want to be someone who had an abundance of items and rarely thought to give what I have in physical items or finances. It may not be a lot to give as I am still early in my career but it is more than what others have and will do more good than if it is not given. It has become a personal goal of mine to set up a philanthropic approach to life now in our home as we raise our daughter and grow our household - so when we are hopefully blessed with more we keep on giving and meeting the need.

Immediately after hearing this man speak - I went home cleaned out my closet and drawers and paired back items I held on to but never used and put them in a donate pile (*Please know you cannot donate socks - therefore more reason to not have an abundance as they can only ever be yours or your household's.) I have moved my socks into a shared drawer with other items and used the old mismatched ones as cleaning rags around the house. It is a personal vow to never have a drawer dedicated to socks again - my husband now gets to enjoy that vow by having me sneak a pair of his socks when mine are all in the wash!

If you do need a new pair of socks check out Bombas an awesome organization who sells socks for a cause, click here. Every pair purchased gives a pair to a homeless shelter in the United States. This is a brief video on the organization and it mission.

They have donated over 2,287,666. The first 1,000,000 in just 2 1/2 years.

It is the little things we can do to remind us how blessed we are beyond abundance - so that we can remember to take time to bless others with our gifts, time, or finances.

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