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Charity Battles - Why Your Charity Over Mine?

I have not been able to put my finger on it but lately I have been thinking about a training I once had early on in my fundraising career on overcoming the objection of - “why donate to your charity over mine or this other one?” It has really been bugging me that the thought of one being superior over the other is something that people really feel and share - so much so that its apart of an objection training for fundraisers.

The awesome thing I can say is the organization I was working with, even more so the managers leading, did not see it that way - our philosophy was it isn't that one is better than the other but one is a better fit in the moment. Isn’t that the more philanthropic way to live and give?

Having a need shared with you and realizing that you may have the means to meet that need.

We are all so blessed to live a life of abundance and it is so easy to get caught in our little life bubble - don’t ignore the drawer for socks (Why I Vow To Never Have A Sock Drawer) - it is not too often someone around us asks for help or support of a passion or cause. Think about how much courage it took them to Ask - how can so many of us easily say - “No, I actually already support xyz charity, best of luck.”

What I think we should focus on is how these various wide range of causes connect us all by being compassionate for each other's passions, struggles, heartbreaks and triumphs. This early in my young career I do not have much yet but I still have more than enough and can give so much …. There are causes close to me personally or through family and friends, including:

Lupus Foundation

Alzheimers Association: Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia

International Justice Mission

Polaris: Combating Human Trafficking

March of Dimes

Apraxia Kids

I am so grateful when my eyes are opened wide by friends or others who share with me their passions and organizations. Through their open hearts and vulnerability I have been brought to new causes assisted with what I could at the time to support mission trips, food drives, school supplies, women and children abuse shelters, soup kitchens, and more. One of the things I look forward to is learning about new organizations to support there are so many amazing organizations doing great work out there in unique ways.

Let’s stop pretending that giving to one organization or giving once a year checks off a box on our moral worthiness and instead challenge ourselves to live a more giving life every day. It is my prayer that we are all more open to new ideas and solutions to problems we see around our worlds, little and big, and we get invovled and we share them with others.

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