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Overnight Oats - As Good As the Hype

Okay so I know it is bad but a lot of the time I am slow to follow trends - I think the more hype something gets the more I tend to avoid it like the plague but then once I give in it is usually amazing and becomes a lifelong obsession of mine. Case in point Grey’s Anatomy - all of my college roommates watched and I avoided until one time I binged watched while I was sick with the flu and yes I still watch every Thursday night with a glass of wine and I graduated college almost 7 years ago.

Overnight oats - has been out there for awhile and everyone I know just loves them so I finally decided to give them ago and prepped some last night.

Initial review and thoughts:

First, it may have been the recipe I went with but it was more like an hearty overnight yogurt parfait than an oatmeal.

Second, once I let it go that it didn't have the oatmeal traditional approach I was expecting - it was amazing! It was flavorful, tasted fresh, was very filling, and so easy for a rushed morning.

Why I now love overnight oats and would highly recommend trying them out:

1. Super easy to prep no need to mix even until ready to eat - if you are not using chia seeds.

2. It is cold and delicious - as a Mom in the morning if I make something warm for breakfast I am usually eating it cold since the day gets away from me or my cereal becomes so soggy you don't even see whole pieces anymore.

3. Its convenient - made mine in an old (washed out) pasta jar and was about to grab and no extra dirty dish around.

4. Flavorful! The possibilities are only limited by what you are willing to try. I am excited to try - peach and pecan, or apple cinnamon, or pumpkin spice walnut, seriously endless.

Comment below and let me know if you give them a try or have already been on this bandwagon and have a recipe to recommend!

Recipe: Overnight Oats

½ cup old fashioned oats ¾ cup plain greek yogurt

¾ cup

Almond milk

2 TB chia seeds

1 tsp vanilla extract

½ Up of frozen fruit or topping of your choice - I used a mixed bag of berries

Stir if you would like and ta-da stick in the frig. In the morning pull out give a stir add more fresh fruit or some granola or nuts and enjoy!

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