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Next Top Reads: Journey to 1,000 Books before Kindergarten

As our reading journey continues we had some fun plucking books off the top of the cabinets at the library which had been previous pulled out to be highlighted by the librarians. There were lots of themes around spring, bunnies, and warm weather.

We also were blessed to have a visit from my youngest sister who is about to start her elementary teaching career in Houston Texas. Lauren has always loved reading and being around kids she has a good read on the pulse of what series or authors are popular right now. Needless to say we were grateful for the books she pulled and I appreciated her shared insight as to the importance of reading books about the enjoyment of reading as well as yourself reading in front of them so they see it is something you liked to do too.

Some of our favorite books surprised me as I would not have necessarily thought we would enjoy them so much - as they say - don't judge a book by its cover! *Below in relative order of most favorite to least most favorite HAHA

Five Star Rankings

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom By Bill Martin Jr. & John Archambault illustrated by Lois Ehlert

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Our Nest by Reeve Lundbergh

Seven Little Bunnies by Julie Stiegemeyer Illustrations by Laura J. Bryant

Grandpa Green by Lane Smith

Four Star Rankings

A Big Surprise for a Little Card by Charisse Merculess Harper

Little Dinos Don’t Yell by Michael Dahl

Stars by Mary Lyn Ray

Hurray for Spring by Patricia Hubbell Illustrated by Taia Morley

You Can Do It, Sam by Amy Hest Illustrated by Anita Jeram

Don’t You Feel Well, Sam? by Amy Hest Illustrated by Anita Jeram

Froggy Plays T-Ball by Jonathan London

Frog & Toad: Ice cream by Arnold Lobel

Not Yet, Rose by Susanna Leonard Hill

King Jack and the Dragon by Peter Bently & Helen Oxenbury

All Kinds of Kisses by Heather Swain

No More Pacifier Duck by Michael Dahl

Not All Princesses Wear Pink by Jane Yolen & Heidi E.Y. Stemple Illustrated by Anne-Sphie Languetin

Lion vs. Rabbit by Alex Latimer

When the Library Lights Go Out by Megan McDonald and Katherine Tillotson

Babies and Doggies Book by John and Molly

Stay tuned for more reccomended readings - or if you have a book we should check out please send them my way. Also happy to help reccomend books as gifts keeping this log as given me some great ideas for future gifts for all the kiddos we know and love.

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