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Homemade Weed Killer - Yard & Money Saver

Spring Outdoor Cleaning: Homemade Toxic Free Weed Killer

As a parents to a young child in our first home we are so excited as spring arrives to get our yard in tip top shape

for tons of outdoor fun in the sun.

One of our biggest projects last year was moving back the flower bed in the front yard to a more manageable size. Often times with townhouses when owners are responsible for their small yards people will opt for an easy no fus solution and make the yard mostly flower bed. Our front yard is mostly a hill and had to flower beds the first one being over 6 feet deep.

We cut it back last year to about 3 ½ feet and plan to plant grass seed.

The fun surprise so far this spring is that there were flower bulbs planted and we are seeing this colorful flowers bloom now - red tulips, yellow daffodils and even some we are not quite sure yet what they are. Since we moved back the flower beds there were flowers sprouting all over the front yard and we worked carefully to dig them up and replant them in the new smaller flower bed.

Fingers crossed they take and keep coming back year after year.

Our next issue was weeds were coming up every where in both flower beds and in the lawn. I wanted to try out a homemade toxic free recipe before going to the store to spend at least $5 bucks on weed killer. Had these items on hand and with just a few uses the weeds turned brown and yellow and basically crumbled when you touched them in just two days.

What you will need:

1 Large spray bottle (32 oz)

1 Distilled white vinegar (32 oz)

½ Table Salt

5-8 drops of essential oil to cut the vinegar smell down. Used Lemongrass as it is an insect repellant

Add all of the ingredients to the bottle shake and spray. Be Careful not to spray the plants you want to keep as they will also drink up this salty and deadly mixture. Spray liberally around what you want to kill off - reccomend doing twice in one day preferable with at least two hours in between rounds and at least once during peak sun hours- really seemed to help them dry out.

Then simple rake and pull away. I will keep you all updated as to how quickly any of these weeds come back up. Definitely my new go to for weed killing and cost me no more than $2.50 max including cost of the bottle, vinegar, and salt with lots to spare.

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