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Free Community Resource: Meal Planning

A little over a week ago I went to Storytime with Julianna and saw a flyer for a class with our local grocery store nutritionist on meal planning at Cascades Library that evening. I decided I wanted to check it out and I was impressed by the presentation and grateful for the tips and conversations had between attendees. One of the things I learned was that our local grocery Giant, publishes a free magazine Savory with recipes, tips/tricks and coupons - monthly!

Loved the variety of recipes some were grouped together in themes like lighter comfort foods, 15-minute meals. The content and layout was super easy to read and presented itself like a cook’s magazine versus a grocery store. Yes -there is a lot of product placement going on but it nothing more than what you see on your favorite TV shows.

The other awesome thing I learned is that online they have all of these recipes at your fingertips. With a search tool that enables you to select what ingredients you have or like as well as what to exclude - i.e. no pickles for me. They even have videos on how to make the recipes. Click here to check out the online Savory resource.

I love to cook but sometimes I find that we have gotten into a rut of eating the same things. With a growing baby now toddler and the goal to avoid a picky eater- I have set out on a mission like many of you to feed the family healthy, delicious, and fun recipes.

The best thing about cooking is you can make it your own - don’t like this no big deal - don’t have this item cut it out - need more meat for your husband - add baked chicken. I will for sure be using this resource as a source of meal inspiration and sharing my results favorites or not.

First ones on the list are Black Bean Quinoa Salad, Pork Chop Piccata with Cauliflower Rice Quinoa Oatmeal with Berries, Salsa Turkey Meatloaf Muffins, and Spanish Chicken and Rice to name a few.

Also lesson learned check out your local library for classes like this who knows what kind of information you can gain or people you will meet. I am already looking forward to the next class Spice Up Your Life - conversations on cultural spices and the health benefits associated with them. My autoimmune diseases are on check largely based on diet and incorporating anti-inflammatory spices.

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