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Birthday Full of Surprises

Being a St. Patrick’s day birthday baby I have had a lot of fun celebrating in green or often pink. This year was exciting because I was kept in the dark about our plans until the very end. I am terrible at surprises I usually burst with excitement and share the surprise before I am supposed to - and I love and hate being surprised because I am probably more of a control freak then I like to admit. However - this time I wanted to be in the moment and every time a guess popped across my mind I dismissed it. There was no way I was going to guess and I didn't even want to try just wanted to enjoy the day that Casey had planned. This was 100% the right way to go about it and we had the most unexpected and amazing time.

The only thing I knew for sure that day, was that as a real estate agent I had the honor of sitting at the closing table with our sellers as they signed over their home to the new owners. Best part is because I am blessed enough to be on a “mother daughter team” I was sitting at the table with my Mom. (That must have been a crazy feeling for her to feel on my actual birthday).

Afterwards we met the family up for a celebration lunch at the lovely and very delicious Ford’s Fish Shack in Ashburn. Love the cozy and themed atmosphere and mostly the fresh and flavorful seafood menu. No need to fret there is also an incredible chicken sandwich for those who are not into seafood. Click here to view my blog on Ford’s Fish Shack or click here to view their website and full menu.

Lunch was followed by cake ( beautifully spruced up special for me by my Mom with lemons and raspberries and yummie ultimate white cake from Wegmans) and presents at Mom and Dad’s house and learning that our baby girl was going to be staying the night and my handsome husband had planned a special evening for us. Off we went as a couple out on a birthday celebration adventure - that led us out into Ashburn, Virginia again. I had no clue where or what our destination would be and as I began to cave and start asking Casey questions or for clues - I tried to remain strong and not guess.

Getting out of the car at a shopping plaza in Ashburn I still was clueless on where we were headed and quickly scanned the store signs as fast as I could - Cross fit something - Martial Arts - ahh what could it be. As Casey open the door I finally figured it out as the bright fun colored canvas greeted us along with a very bubble friendly women named Melanie (Owner and veteran) - welcomed us to Painting with a Twist Ashburn. YAY wine and painting date night.

This colorful place was such a fun and flirty creative and laidback environment we both enjoyed our time and are very proud of our joint painting. That is right on date night at Painting with a Twist it is one painted image across two canvases and one of the top 5 rules is “ I will not touch the other person's canvas unless they ask.” This concept has grown very popular and if you have not checked it out yet you need to go and do it - Stay tuned here to read my blog on Painting with a Twist a Veteran Owned location, click here to view their website.

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