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Homemade Playdough

In an effort to make some priceless memories and keep our days filled with fun hands on learning activities for our little ones growing mind I often scroll through Pinterest looking for ideas. It is hard sometimes to decide on which one to do because there are so many and how do you know if they are good or not?

I love it when the ideas incorporate things I already have around the house and a trip to the story isn't necessary.

In preparation for St Patrick’s Day last Friday I made for the first time a homemade playdough - and in true spirit of the lucky Irish holiday dyed it green and added gold and green glitter. The awesome thing is technically - almost everything beside the glitter is edible and if your little one - tries a bite or in our case a lick - it will not harm them and they likely will not like it because it is extremely salty.

They will however enjoy squeezing and sculpting - and you can jump in and have a trip down memory lane.

Highly recommend doing this and would rate it a 5 outta 5.

Ingredients needed:

Wax paper

2 cups flour

1 cup salt

2 cups warm water

Optional additional fun mixins:

Food coloring


Step 1: Lay out wax paper on your cutting board or counter - this will be used later to knead the playdough.

Step 2: Combined the dry ingredients give a mix.

Step 3: Add in the water and mix until combined well - if using food coloring add then mix until combined.

Step 4: Transfer to the large pan on medium heat - let warm up and scrape the bottom it will start to come together in a thicker consistency. Felt like I was making an omelet - and I kept folding in and scraping the bottom.

Step 5: Once it comes together into more of a ball - remove from heat knead - carefully as the mixture is warm to hot. Let cool 10-15 minutes. Enjoy!

Store in an airtight container (used leftovers container) seems to keep a pretty good consistency for the next few days. Please note that I will update this post once we have had it start to go bad.

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