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Home Improvement DIY Journal

Looking for a quick but effective fix to your home? Whether you are preparing your home for sale or making your new house a home with some make it your own projects - there are two things I always recommend.

1. Be realistic in your DIY abilities start with smaller projects and work your way up.

2. Focus on one project at a time.

In moving into our first home we were excited making our To Do List to make it our own home - right away we were talking paint, floor, landscaping and maybe a future kitchen remodel. But being realistic we made a list of all of the projects than we prioritized what we wanted done first and then what we thought we could DIY.

The Home Improvement Blog topics will cover our journey in making our first house a home. Complete with tips and tricks we learned along the way and ways to always keep real estate and re-sale in your mind while working on home renovations. Yes of course it should be done to make your house a home but it is always recommended - to be in tune or aware of current real estate market desired upgrades - meaning that the improvements you make are ones that can bring you an increase to value when the time comes to sell.

Some things to look forward to in upcoming posts include:

1. Half baths and why they should not be overlooked in renovations or designs.

2. Grey-colored glasses have replaced the “rosie” ones -why this color is the new neutral.

3. Curb appeal - versus easy to maintain.

4. Backyard oasis.

5. Staging a home versus how we live.... Yes they are very different and when preparing to sell your home its key to make the switch home living in to staged.

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