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Two Out of Three: Get Ready Method

Not sure where this started but sometime in between 8th and 9th grade I remember talking to my Mom about how stressful and long it takes to get ready for the day as a girl- that there is just so much expectations. It was then that I shared my Rule of Thumb with her and I have lived by it pretty much ever since than - Two out of Three.

Two out of Three - Get ready for the Day Philosophy for me goes like this - we don't need the pressure of doing it all or more often now as a busy Mom, wife and professional - I don’t have the time. So .. ergo Two Out of Three - the three being Hair, Makeup, Clothes. I have found and lived by that if you do Two Out of Three in just about any combination I have felt:

1. Feel ready for the day.

2. Have everyone else convinced that I am ready for the day.

3.Not spend too much time stressing or over thinking the get ready for the day process.

4. You will feel good about the way you look and others will take notice.

This is a philosophy that has carried me throughout my life and the one that happens the most often has changed throughout- i.e. high school was Makeup and Clothes or Hair and Clothes, college became the phase of mostly Hair and Makeup, professional life Makeup and Clothes, and now as a work from home busy mom of a 17th month old - Makeup and Hair - with an occasional Makeup and Clothes.I dont necessarily do it right everytime but I try and on the days I do I feel better.

Give it a try and see if it helps you feel good day in day out trying to limit the things we stress and or worry about when you approach getting ready each day.

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