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Why a Blog?

Why a Blog?

Honestly, I am not sure yet - it was suggested to me that it seems I have a lot to say and a blog could be the place to say it and share with the world.

One thing I have learned for sure is life is never what you expect or dreamt it would be growing up. There are turns and unexpected outcomes you would have never anticipated ... but the best part is looking back ... the road you took is exactly what you needed to get to where you are now - and you would not really want to change a thing.

When I was growing up my grandmother "Mama" (Anna Sotet) always described my enthusiasm for talking as "the gift of the gab." It sounds like a nice way of saying ... " Oh Boy! that one is a talker!" This loving label kind of stuck and has followed me throughout my life and had great influence on my journey and career.

My Journey

I started out as an aspiring sports broadcaster, turned journalist, to sport marketing major at Bowling Green State University, which led to my first career and job with the Cleveland Cavaliers in sales. After two years there and discovering my passion for nonprofit work, through various community give back events, I quit moved to Washington D.C. to live with Mom and Dad. I was determined to find a mission driven nonprofit to work for. Unexpectedly - I started working at a fundraising consulting firm and was given the opportunity to work on national fundraising campaigns for a wide range of nonprofits with compelling missions - my "gift of the gab" had me learning from the best while traveling and talking to some of the most influential people in leadership positions all across the country. Leaving the firm and my manager position was a hard decision but the right move for my family as I desired less travel and to work directly with a non-profit versus a firm being hired by a non-profit.

Shortly after starting at a nonprofit my husband, Casey, and I found out we were expecting and my life began to make room for this baby that was on the way. I was blessed to have awesome parents who provided for us and were present for us. They set an example for the type of life I wanted to create for our now growing family. The desire to be a "stay at home Mom" was one I knew I would have but thought it would come later on - as I felt like I still wanted to give more time to my career. But that quickly changed and at the beginning of 2016 I found myself starting my third career - joining my Mom in her real estate business - so I could contribute to the family by both working from home and be present daily for our baby girl.

Through my journey my life has taken shape, it's morphed from what I dreamt up to something even better than what I saw in my dreams. My faith has grown greatly and since the new year 2017 kicked off I have felt the pull to be more open about my experiences. A desire to put myself out there to see if it helps someone else if they too are looking for some company, encouragement, and honest conversations about this crazy ride called life.

So ... that's why a blog. It is a journal for me documenting my journey ... I have never been good at having separate lives … one personal and one professional - I am just always me. The lines for me have always been blurred because I am passionate about my work and my life and I try to stay the same in both "worlds." This blog is my hope of connecting with others - because I truly believe we are not meant to go through life alone but instead together.

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