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International Women's Day 2017

International Women’s Day March 8th 2017

Today is International Women’s Day and in recent months we have seen a surge of support and and a rise of women supporting women - putting aside any differences that they may have to listen to one another to really connect share and be heard. Living in the Northern Virginia area over the last few years I have grown a deep appreciation for history, humanitarian efforts and politics. Having worked in fundraising for several humanitarian focused nonprofits - in specifically those who combat human trafficking in the United States and overseas and tackle women’s issues globally. I have had my eyes opened and my bubble of being raised in a safe supportive home - popped - showing me that not everyone is as blessed.

Two months ago I was told over brunch with a good friend about the Women’s March on DC - simply that she was going and thought it might be something I would want to join her in attending. As first I thought WOW this is awesome - great for her to go wish I could but it is so far it probably wouldn't work out - but I was intrigued to read up on it more. As I did my research - I prayed - I talked to my husband, my Mom, my sisters and friends my intrigue turned to a deep rooted interest in being someone who showed up - who saw something that they knew was not right and instead of allowing it to go on by ignoring what I have seen I decided to show up. One of my favorite humanitarian quotes is from the CEO of International Justice Mission, a super organization that is leading the way globally in combating trafficking and fighting for women’s rights.

The day before the Women’s March on DC was the inauguration and the events that were shown on TV were violent and riots. My fear grabbed a hold of my and my thoughts focused on what could go wrong or the potential of being caught in something I didn’t agree with because I respect our great country, political systems and the office of the President.

Despite my reservations … I went because I could feel it in my bones that one day my daughter will look to me and ask what did I do - if anything? I wanted to be able to say that I showed up. That I went to be a peaceful protestor - to give them numbers - make my stand.

My intention was to pray with my feet to go with open eyes, ears and mind … the greatest thing we can do for one another is really stop lock eyes take the time to listen and let that person on the other side know that they matter- they are important - that you care. Being among the 500,000+ people who showed up on our National Mall I can be proud of the moments I witnessed first hand - people of all sexes, ages, races, religion, culture, and economic backgrounds were standing side by side smiling.

United. Sharing. Listening.

It was one of the most inclusive things I have ever seen and it was moving to apart of something that shocked the world and had others gathering across the globe.

Peaceful Protest … was my prayer and my purpose in going that day … and I was one of many. Not one violent event across the globe at these gatherings is what should be talked about and shared over and over again.

I have my memories of this moment in time and I am forever grateful to my husband, Mom, and Dad for stepping up supporting us going and watching my daughter - so I can tell her Mommy showed up.

My prayer now is that change continues to rise and she will never have this as a reason to march in her future.

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