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My passion is people - I love my family, friends and those whom I do not yet know. I am a wife, mother of three, doggy parent to Barley, a licensed Virginia Real Estate Professional, a craft-entrepreneur, fitness seeker, a faith filled woman, and a friend.

All my life I have been told I have "the gift of the gab" and I love talking - listening to others and connecting with others. This blog is going to be the home to this "gift of gab" and will cover what is happening in my home, my  career, my community, my personal life and my perspective on current issues.


It is my hope that being vulnerable and open about my attempt to be fearlessly authentic and passionate in all areas of my life will connect me with others-  who are pursuing the same thing resulting in a more connected world.

So ... my promise to you (and myself)  is that this blog will be me - 100% of the time. honest. passionate. true. real.


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Topics & Shared Experiences

Real Estate

As a licensed Virginia professional Realtor with Long & Foster Real Estate, Reston office -  house hunting, home marketing and spreading a pride in homeownership all the while building a sense of community is a passion of mine. This space will be used to share community events, tips, and insights to enhance your knowledge and assist with your real estate needs.

Lifestyle & Home

As a wife and mom of three littles, I am exploring how to manage that work-life balance - through new ways or reinstating "old" approaches to our lives to make them better. This space will be used to share my real-life wifey and parenting stories - the joy and challenges. Including  good old fashioned family fun activities, organic homemade cleaners, to day to day things we are facing as a young family.

Health & Fitness

Healthy living and fitness is a lifelong journey. As someone who  has suffered through the long grueling process of diagnosing autoimmune disorders - I have discovered what is working for my body and mind. This space will be used to share my struggles and success in seeking a healthy and whole fitness.


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Long & Foster Realtor 2100 Reston Parkway #102 Reston, VA 20191

Licensed in Northern Virginia

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